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about me

Hey how’s it going?! My name is Vicente Magana, I’m a proud Mexican American and the first of my family to go to college. My obsession with design began as a child when I would help my dad work construction. I always wondered, what if it’s built differently? Can it be done using less? How old is this technique and do we simply accept it? I applied that same thinking to my first love, cars. After years of working, I discovered ArtCenter's Transportation Design program. About half way through my studies I switched to Product Design, as the user-pain-point centric approach is more in-line with my need to expand and augment. I start with a solid base, no assumptions and work to connect the user's true needs with an attempted solution. I love ideation, prototyping, quick mock ups and challenging the status quo. Whether I’m designing a product, system or service... I’m not okay with “this is how it’s always been done” or “it’s not possible.” That’s just where the conversation begins.