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& Ideation

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Refinement & Render

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Stage 3

With my network of engineers, product planners, and project engineers... I will help get your idea engineered and ready for small batch manufacturing. 

We have a fabrication shop for prototype building and testing. A great team of builders will make your prototype no matter how big or small. 

Stage 2

Design Services:

Call for Pricing

Have an idea but have trouble picturing and framing it? I can help!

I will help manifest your idea and help evaluate it within its niche/market. 

I will help you develop your idea and LITERALLY picture it.

Refine, refine, refine!

Now that your idea is coming together and starting to take shape... I can help you solidify it and work out the details ready for engineers to take a look at and evaluate.

Here I can help build a pitch deck for you to raise funds and backing for your dream!

Stage 1

*** free 15 min evaluation ***

Starting at $599

Starting at $299

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