Residents forced from their homes by high rent refuse to leave their hometown. They believe living out of their vehicles is a stand against big tech companies. 


Migrant tech workers aren't interested in making $90k/year (average) only to "throw away" half on rent.

Tech Workers

Day laborers migrate here for steady jobs but often underestimate the cost of living and compensate by living out of vehicles.

Day Laborers


Incogneato [in-kog-NEAT-oh!

Incogneato is a DISCRETE replacement sedan interior system designed to support those living out of their vehicles. This system, in conjunction with auxiliary storage, transforms the traditional sedan layout into a modern day nomad's motorhome in a much more compact and manageable package. 

Yearly Take Home

w/o Incogneato


$27,432 (taxes)

$34,680 (avg. rent)

$55,776 2 year

$27,888 year 1

$27,888 year 2


$27,432 (taxes)

$7,193 (Incogneato*)


$55,375 year 1

$59,568 year 2


$114,158 2 year

* = volume selling model

Project Incogneato:

Incogneato's DISCRETE nature supports nomads following their dreams and ambitions. They are not here to disturb, nor be disturbed. This is not a "solves all solution" to homelessness, but it is a step towards understanding an issue affecting so many individuals.