i've used this 14 week project as an opportunity to focus on Dodge's very rich history & how to move the brand forward. like many  auto manufacturers, dodge has seen better days. currently it only offers 5 vehicles with the newest platform being 8 years old.


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dodge’s current ‘brotherhood of muscle’ motto forces the brand into an extremely niche market. being a niche brand isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just ask Subaru; but excluding genders is never a good thing. specially today. Dodge "faithfulls" tend to be older, 60 and up, white male and it shows not only in how dodge brands itself but also in its products’ lack of innovation. 

 with less diverse input, comes less diverse, less innovative products. as a niche brand there is a need to be lean and adaptable. you don’t want to get caught in the same situation Harley Davidson is in and have your core customers literally dying off...



as journeys unfold and our patrons strive forward... Dodge is there charging along side them towards new goals & adventure.




today's modern family is a mobile one. nuclear family sizes are shrinking but their need for adaptability is increasingl to better serve them we must understand them and their needs...

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