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Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Wow! The new Ford Lightning configurator is online and it's very insightful... The base (PRO) model starts at $40k ($41,669) with no options and with every possible option the Lightning Platinum tops off at $100K ($96,924). What a range! (no pun intended).

Now, this to some might seem outlandish as to how you can add nearly $60k in options, but this is right on brand with the F-150 platform and buying behavior. This range and versatility are what's made the F-150 America's best-selling vehicle for the past thousand years. From an electrification strategy perspective, I believe this approach is a great tool to determine both the floor and ceiling for electric vehicles.

Dissecting the data from the "limited" production configurations will only give Ford an incredible strategic advantage over competitors. Assuming we see an obvious split between work truck and lux configurations; possibly influenced by maintenance costs and initial premium for electric vehicles, will afford Ford to better fill the gap with ICE offerings. This means we might see a consolidation of engines with only the 5.0 v8 and 3.5 ecoboost remaining; reducing complexity costs and making ICE units more profitable.

The first generation (electric) Lightning is truly an interactive survey... One where you get a nifty reward you can silently, and quickly, putt around town. I'm very excited to see how Ford uses this first-gen (electric) Lightning to hone-in the second generations versatility and model range.

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